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to our newest publication, The Awakened Muse Oracle.  This 44-card deck was channeled through me as I am making my way into life at a higher vibration.  While the world right now is full of fear, those who choose to live a heart-centered life with Love and Consciousness are focused on the Golden Age that is beginning to unfold.  The messages from this deck are designed to support us and keep us mindful of our own personal journey to Enlightenment.  

As you can see we've laid out the entire deck below for you.  Take a breath, center yourself and click on one, two or three cards to reveal the messages behind them.  If you want to practice your intuition.  Close your eyes and click on the cards blindly.  I have every confidence that Spirit will guide you to the messages you need in the moment!

If you would like to purchase the deck for $17.99USD,
please click on the SHOP tab above!  Thank you!


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